Monday, June 23, 2014

A Post Full of Links

Hi guys! So, I've got a little bit to say about a lot of things. Ready? Fasten your seatbelts.

First off, Blaze has been sent out and I have been utterly thrilled with the feedback thus far. There's a lot more to work on than I originally thought, but that's okay because it is so nice to have a readers input on it instead of my brain that already knows all the details so it just fills them in for me whether I actually wrote it on the page or not.

The contests from Teen Words of Steel  are back, and there are some really cool prompts to put together this week. I don't have the slightest clue what to do with them, so you guys need to go check them out and come up with something so I can read them later this week :)

I have also come up with an idea for my Beauty and The Beast retelling for RoogleWood Press   that I will hopefully be entering later this December. I made a Pinterest board for it here if you want to check it out. I may be posting snippets later on once I actually start it. Right now it's just a board and one page list of details.

While I don't have an idea for the Teen Words of Steel contest, I DO have an idea for this months Chatterbox so you guys will probably be seeing that in the next few days.

I ordered NeedtoBreathe's CD and it should be here any day!!

As of this morning, I am caught up on all of my schoolwork until next Sunday. Which makes me one happy camper.

It has rained every day for the last four, so I have not gotten any hay piled yet, but dad did get some done, and I will hopefully get a field done this afternoon.

Something that you might find interesting. The other day I was in a vehicle with Minion 2 for hours, with no radio or anything else, so we were playing games. The rhyming game...
"I'm thinking of a cat."
"Well I'm thinking of a bat."
She started it off with Spaghetti and the game quickly got boring.
So then we played the game where I say the first sentence of a story, then she comes up with the next one and it goes back and forth.
What I started out as a story about a girl named Sophie ended up being about a mole who chewed Cinderella out.
The next story was supposed to be scary. I started it with a face in the mirror. She ended it with the dog jumping into the bathtub and saying hello.
Just a little bit disgusted by her story telling skills, I told her to be quiet and listen, and started telling her a story. I hadn't ever had the idea before, I was just talking and seeing what would happen.
It ended up being a horror story about a six year old prison inmate.
It completely freaked her out and she demanded I finish it and write it all down to read to her as a bedtime story.
So I did.
It ended up being around twenty pages long and thoroughly creepy.  I think my parents would question my sanity if they ever read it.
That's why it's a bedtime story.
Parents aren't around.
So I'll be reading that to them this week hopefully, and if they give it the thumbs up I might share some of it with you guys just for fun. Or maybe I'll save it till Halloween...

I got the Incarceron series in the mail last week. Minion 1 split the cost with me, so now I'm reading them for the second time and I'm just as in love with Kiero as ever. I'll probably do a review on them, and I'm also really close to being done with The Selection, so I'll share my thoughts on it too. Whether you want to hear them or not.

So there you have it folks. I made a big huge long post out of basically nothing. Enjoy.


  1. Have you been getting a lot of feedback from lot's of people? I'm hoping to work on the second chapter sometime today. :)

    I've been racking my brain to think of a good story for the Roogle Wood press contest too. So far I have two different ideas, but I'm not all that happy with either of them. Good thing we have until December right?

    I know, when I read the prompts at first I couldn't think of anything! I did eventually write a pretty good story though, I posted it in the comments at Teen Words of Steel, if you read it let me know what you think. :)

    It's been raining a whole lot around here too, I wonder why...

    That sounds creepy! I was just thinking about how parents can get very concerned about what their children write the other day. I know that my mom was concerned when I let her read the story I submitted to the TWOS contest. It's the quiet ones that you have to look out for. ;)

    1. Thus far it's just been yours, but my buddy from a few miles away tracked me down and wants to read it now.

      Oh geez, I had a hard enough time coming up with just one of them. Yes, thank goodness for far away deadlines.

      Okay! I'll take a look at it and let you know :)

      I don't know, but I'm glad it is. We've been in a drought for two years now.

      Haha it freaked me out XP I had to tone it down for the girls actually. My mom has been concerned too, but usually not for creepy, usually because there's lots of drinking and drugs, etc, in my writing. Oh yes, the quiet ones are the worst lol

  2. I'm on chapter 2, I will give feed back once I'm farther in. I read fast so I hope to have time to read it. Love your idea for Beauty and the Beast, steam punk I adore it. I have yet to dabble in it as of yet. Love creepy stuff, I hope you post it. I'm a quiet and loud person, I'm double the trouble.

    1. Awesome! Sounds good. It's no biggie. Doesn't matter how long it takes. I'm not in a rush.
      Thanks! I've been wanting to do a steampunk forever but never had a solid idea, so I thought I'd try it out. I see.
      I read half of it to the minions this afternoon and so far they like it and are creeped, so I'll probably put it up over the course of several posts.
      Woo hoo! Hurray for double sided people!!