Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Time Has Come

So after a tedious morning of working on college proofreading and edits, I remembered that I didn't have any drafts whipped up to put on here for you guys. I read through all my notes on ideas I had for future posts and none of them were doing the trick for me. So I decided I just wasn't going to do a blog post today. I was sure you'd understand. If you didn't...well, sorry. I decided that I was going to forget blogging, and go work on editing my novels.....

I've got two novels I need to edit, both in various stages. I've been wanting to start work on them (again) for about a week, but watching the winter Olympics is so darn distracting. Who wants to miss out on snowboarders?? (even though I'm still crushed about my Shawn White not medaling)
But today, right now, there is no Olympics on. And the house is empty. No one else is home. So I did a very fast (I should have a gold medal for speed) clean job on the house, and now here I am.

I have two novels I'll be working on the next few months. Out of Darkness is one. I've already gone through it twice and did all the spelling corrections and things like that, and added several large chunks of story to it, so this time I have just a few things to add, and a quick read through. My mom read half of it (I begged her to read the whole thing, but she read half)...No, she only made it to chapter five. Out of thirty-four.
Moving on from that, otherwise I'll start typing in RED AND ALL CAPS. And no one likes to read that.
Anyway, she read a not-so-satisfactory sized portion of it and told me that
                                                         Cannon's mom is too ditzy.
                                   Well yeah mom, I wrote her that way on purpose.
                                            She said Cannon's dad wasn't there enough.
Well okay, I can work with that. He's not the main villain, but I can see him needing to be around more.
                                                            Cannon has no emotion.
                                                            Yes he does! He's always-
                 Angry. Sarcastic. Angst ridden. No girl would ever like him. Give him emotion.

                                                         The gangsters aren't realistic

So those are the things I'll be working on. Heaven help me if my dad reads the Google search history in the next few days. It'll be all about drugs, and gang initiations.

My other novel I'm going to start working on (literally for like the sixth or eighth time) is called The Riders of Carstindad. Now despite all those painful edits I made before, this baby needs some work. I wrote it when I was....13? And it shows. Sure I edited it, but I was 14-16 when that happened. And there's some terrible clich├ęs, obviously stolen plot lines, and one nasty attempt at an ending. So it will be getting a full makeover. I was going to just trash it, but there's two boys in there that I just love to death.
                                                                   Darren and Taren.
(that's one of the things I keep telling myself needs changed. The names. Way too similar. But I can't bring myself to do it)
They couldn't be more different but boy do I love them. Darren is
a complete sweetie pie, with a fun sense of humor.

             Taren...Oh Taren. He's difficult.
He has a much nastier sense of humor that hardly ever shows up, and he's much more serious, and brooding. But I love him. And so does everyone else who has read the nasty first draft. They're not even the main characters and they're all I care about that is making me go back to the story. (does that say anything about my main character? Minion One says it's because she {Gwen} is too whiney. Not sure)

Anyway, I'll be working on The Riders of Carstindad this afternoon, and probably listening to Tally-Ho, by Hawk Nelson. Just to get in the mood.






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