Saturday, February 22, 2014

Uriah and That Other One

Hi guys! Since I've been neglecting you through the week, you're getting a Saturday post to make up for it. Sound fair? I'm gonna take a break from the books, movies, and writing stuff today, and give you a little window into my life.
I'm in the middle of calving season. Two days ago, we brought all of our cows home to the pasture that's about 100 yards from my house. That threw us into full feeding mode, so most of my dad is spent in a tractor, or watching a gate while my dad hauls hay to the feeders. We have to feed all the cows here at the house twice a day. And then once a day we have to take hay over to the heifers at our feed yard and feed them. (heifer means it's a girl cow that has never had a baby yet.)
We currently have six calves running-I should say tripping and waddling around- they're still getting used to moving their legs.

And here's the fun part. Four of those six calves are twins. Which means I'm raising two.
Let me explain, because everybody thinks I'm being cruel by raising the twins in the barn instead of out with their mothers, but it makes perfect sense. The mom cow will only feed one of the babies. That's all she can handle. So whichever one she doesn't want, we take to the barn, and they get fed from a bottle and we become mommy.

Like I said, we've got two bottle calves (aka: jugheads). The older one is so stinking tiny. I mean, he is so tiny. I can carry him around like nobody's business. I wanted to name him Tobias, or Four, but my sisters shot that idea down. So I named him Uriah. Partially after the guy in the Bible, but mostly after the second coolest guy in Divergent.
Yesterday we had another set of twins, and so came the new bottle baby. He's giant. Like huge. I Like he probably weighs as much as my younger sister. I also considered Tobias and Four for him, but that was shot down too. That and he just doesn't look like a Tobias/Four. So right now we're calling him Al, or Big Al. When we think about it. Mostly I just call him the other one. That one. The crazy one. The big one. The stupid one who doesn't know how to use his tongue yet.
These are pictures of Uriah. I don't have pictures of Number 2 yet, but just picture a 3X bigger and 50X less adorable version of Uriah.

And that's all I have! Today I'm getting ready for our churches roller skating party, and it's going to be so much fun. I'll see you guys....I'll type to you guys Monday with some new writing things, and a book review.





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