Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Know This Girl Named Maggie Mahoney

Ladies and Gentleman!  Boys and Girls! I present to you,
Fattest, cutest, most energetic tub of six week old red heeler pup you can find.
She just got here Tuesday night, all the way from St. Joseph, Missouri.
Since then she has managed to spend two nights in the tent with us (only one of which was planned).
The first night, we put her in the box where she immediately conked out and we thought sleeping would be a cinch. At 2:30 AM, she woke up and started racing laps around the tent, so we put her in her dog box in the barn.

Last night we had her sleep outside of the tent. She didn't like it at first (she crawled under the tent, under my back), but she went to sleep pretty quick. Sometime late (I had turned off my ipod, so I don't know the time) she started crying and bouncing off the door, so I let her in. She wouldn't sleep in the box, so I let her sleep next to me. She's just like a toddler. You roll over and she gets up and snuggles closer. I had to make sure not to squish her all night.

In the morning she wanted to tussle (I'm assuming that's why she was gnawing on my hand and blankets, cause she sure didn't want to go outside), so I played with her till I got tired then put her outside again.

She already comes to her name, and barks at cars when they pull into the driveway. She's been going with us all over to check cows and fix fence. Me and the minions had a horse judging competition yesterday (got pretty purple ribbons, our team places third, and Minion 2 got fourth place at only her second time judging), and our coach was all upset we didn't bring her with us. I didn't know we could bring a dog to judging. ^-^ She doesn't like the chickens yet. They scare her.
        Her ears flop when she runs           She's not too sure about the cement pig      or the cats. They're terrified of  her

Needless to say, the entire family are happy campers.
If you'd like an explanation for the title


  1. Aww!!!! She's so adorable!!!!!! :D

  2. I want one, my brother has a puppy named Maggie. She is cute.

  3. I love red heelers. Best dog ever. Oh cool! Thanks :) She's a little stinker lol.