Saturday, May 24, 2014

Writing Contest Entry

The gals over at Teen Words of Steel are awesome enough to be hosting a writing contest. They gave us three prompts to work on (you can click on the link to see them), and a 600 word limit. This is what I came up with :)

Mia peeked out the stable door, eyes searching for any movement. Behind her, the gray mare blew through her nostrils.
“Don’t like me, do ya?” Mia glanced back at her, speaking softly. “Let’s go, girl.”
She stepped through the door into open space and started for the clump of trees, some three hundred yards off. She walked briskly, tugging on the lead, narrowing her eyes at the amiable plodding of the mare. “C’mon horse.”
“Don’t even bother.”
Mia turned quickly, right into the grip of a town officer. “Let go!” She yanked back and dropped the lead, taking off, only to be dragged to the ground. Leather straps pulled tight around her wrists, biting into her skin as she thrashed.
“Just stop fighting. You know the drill.”
She scowled and staggered to her feet as he pulled her up. “Yeah. You haul me off for Q&A time.”
The officer didn’t respond, just pulled her down the gravel lane in to town. Within minutes, Mia was pushed through the documentation process. There was nothing to update. She’d been in there just last week. The officer let her into a questioning room and she took a seat at the table. A good twenty minutes passed before another officer came in.
“Why is it always you?” He sighed.
“Good morning to you too, Jeffrey.” She rolled her eyes.
He sat down across from her. “What are you doing here?”
She shrugged and tipped back on the chair legs. “I think it’s cozy here.”
“Mia.” He said sternly.
She frowned at him. “He caught me trying to steal a horse.”
“Why?” He leaned forward.
“Because she’s slow and stubborn.”
“No. Why were you trying to steal a horse?”
She let the chair come down with a crack. “To ride away on.”
He looked at her a long minute. “This is your fifth offense this month. By law you’re supposed to be sent to a correction camp.”
Mia smiled slightly. “Great.”
“No it’s not!” He smacked his palm onto the table. “Tell me what happened. Maybe I can work things out.”
She shook her head emphatically. “I got myself into this mess, I can get myself out.”
“Mia, let me help you.” His voice turned pleading.
She leaned across the table, bound hands sliding toward him. “Let me go. Please. I have to go.”
He shook his head slightly, confusion evident in his brown eyes.
She dropped her voice to a whisper. “Gregor’s Law.”
His eyes widened and she gave him a pointed look, silencing any words he had. “I’ll be a mother in a few months.” She said softly. “Let me go.”
He cleared his throat and nodded, standing quickly. “That’s all. You’ll be sent out to camp by morning.” There was an urgency in his voice, like he couldn’t wait to get out of there, away from her.
She tipped her head slowly, hoping she didn’t look hurt. “Is that all you have?”
He glanced at the door then crossed to her. “No.” He bent and pressed a kiss to her lips quickly. “I’ll come find you. Stay out of trouble.”
She gave him a smile. “I always do.”

Happy Memorial Day to you all. I'll be spending mine with family. We have a tradition of going out to the cemeteries with the flowers, and then they came over to our house (we can see our house from the cemetery), and have grilled burgers and pie. It's a good time had by all. Have a good weekend! 


  1. Wow you kinda surprised me with the ending. I love your writing it flows really nice. I hope you win.

    1. Hehe, that was the effect I was going for :) Thanks. I tied with another girl. So we both get character interviews and critiques. I keep telling myself it was only a contest entry and I can't turn it into a full length story... At least not right now ;)

  2. Thats awesome, I am writing a book that started off as a one line contest entry. It didn't win but it spawned a book. So you can ;)