Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This Feeling of Power...

It's official people. I am without doubt, a completely bonafide adult. Because...
I'm on my way to go vote.
For the first time.
I really don't have a topic for the day, because all I'll be doing is fixing fence and stuff like that, but I am going to vote this morning and it's a thrilling feeling.
Obviously, not for president, but it'll be for governor, senator, etc. Got my list of names all wrote up and in my pocket in case I become so overwhelmed by the glorious exercise of freedom and totally forget who I wanted to vote for ;)

Tell me I'm not totally crazy about being this excited?
It's just kind of an amazing feeling. I'm old enough now, to take part in shaping the decisions of this country! I have a voice!

Alrighty, I'll stop now. Have a nice day :) I promise I'll have a real blog post with an actual topic soon.


  1. 'Claps hands' a good feeling isn't it to be an official adult.The Loki quote made me laugh.

    1. It's a good feeling, until I want to do something totally juvenile ;) I've never even seen the movie he says it in yet XP

  2. I did, I love Loki. It's from the Avengers which is awesome.

    1. Oh wait...I did see the Avengers. I just must not have noticed that line...