Thursday, March 6, 2014

I've Been Robbed!

                                           You know what's frustrating?
                                                         I mean honestly.
Everyone loves them for the funny things they say, or do. Or even book characters written by author celebrities. We love how they think and feel. And they make millions cause of it. And you know where they get those thoughts, words, and things from?
I'm serious, I'm 99% sure that Suzanne Collins stalked my brain somehow and put it into a book character named Katniss Everdeen.
Picture me, reading this Hunger Games book everyone's been reading about and that parents are paranoid about, and along comes the scene where Katniss describes her feelings for the world at large, and how she thinks about her sister and mom.
                                 And I nearly fell over. 
                She just described my whole state of mind.
    But when I'm moody and aloof no one thinks I'm an    awesome strong female lead. I'm just a grouch.
Or take duck dynasty. Aside from Jack and Happy happy happy, those people speak my language. There's sayings on that show that I thought were born in my family. 
And it's on tv! Making money!!

Or how's about when I was 8 and decided I needed to make a device that set an alarm off on your remote control when you lost it? 
Guess what showed up in stores a year later?
Or take people like Glenn Beck. That guy gets a four hour radio program that's mostly him laughing hysterically. I can be sarcastic and derogatory too! I can laugh about it for days!
Or Garrett Hedlund. I love him. But the guy is just slightly higher than insane.
                                       But YouTube is full of interviews for him.
                                  The guys never been in a huge movie in his life.
                                                     He dies in half of his roles.
                                                          But people like him.
I can be just as crazy as that! I can talk with my hands, and a freakishly low voice, and pause too much between my words just like he does. But no one tracks me down to a tiny little house full of dogs to ask me about a controversial statement on giraffes.
                                              (They did for garrett. No joke)
I've been through my whole house and can't find any hidden cameras or microphones. I know there's no chips in me recording my thoughts. But somehow, they're doing it. Somehow they know. And they're using it. But I will not rest! I will not stop until I've stopped their personality stealing ways and become famous on my own insanity. 


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