Monday, April 14, 2014

This is MaddieJ Reporting

(Cause I totally look like this. Not)
                                        Hi ya'll! So I have all kinds of things to report.
(Sorry I don't have any pictures for you guys. It's an agreement I've made with my parents that I wont put our personal pictures out on the internet for strangers. But, if you are my buddy on facebook, you can find all the great pictures from this weekend on there.)

I'll start with the beginning- a word that here means, Friday (can you tell I watched a Series of Unfortunate Events lately?)
Friday I went to prom. And to be honest, I thought it was going to be a disaster. (other girls feel that way on prom morning don't they?) Cause the adorable lace dress I got to wear...the zipper broke. Just broke. For no reason at all. So, in a final desperate attempt, I had noticed that my cousin was wearing an adorable lace dress in her engagement pictures. SO, I obviously asked her where she got it. I was then told that she had no idea where it came from, it was actually her brother's wife's dress....meaning, it belonged to my other cousin's wife. So cousin-in-law....
So I got on my little goonie machine (that's dad speak for ipod) and asked Mrs. Cousin-in-law where she got the dress. From her niece.
(I felt like a detective)
....I don't have access to her niece. But, because she's wonderful, she sent the dress with my mailman to drop off. And it was soooo cute. But it needed a jacket over it. And it's very hot at prom. So I couldn't wear that one.
So I wore a black t-shirt with silver Celtic crosses all over it, and some capris. Not the greatest prom outfit, but it all worked out because after the main dinner everyone changed into jeans and shirts to dance. So I blended right in.

You know that moment when you're at a prom, and you're graduated from high school so you're supposed to help with the food and not have fun, so you're hanging out with the grownups. And you're waiting for someone to show up. And he's not showing up. And like the  clock is ticking away your night and your just certain that your night is going to be wrecked because you'll be trapped with the adults all night? Anyone know that feeling? Let me just tell you it's not a fun feeling. At all. You feel even smaller than five feet tall (and that's small people).
                                                               And then he walks in.
                                                       And the night suddenly gets better.

It was Minion 1's first prom so I feel obligated to tell you that she had tons of fun and I didn't have to resort to violence on anyone dancing with her.
(Now other people...I may have pushed my dance partner. But in a very teasing, kind way. Same with calling him a jerk. It was friendly.)

                                                      After serving the food the dance started.

Now stop right here. I feel the need to tell you that everything happening after this point was completely sneaky business and don't tell anyone. Okay?

Like I said, I'm graduated. But I'm the same age as all the kids who were at the dance. (I graduated a year early) So, obviously, I wanted to dance.
                          So Minion 1 very casually said, "Maddie come dance with me."
                                      So my night of sneaky illegal dancing began.
The first two dances were with Minion 1 and then a certain late cowboy danced with me the rest of the night, and I have adorable pictures of it all.

Dad came to get us at 10:30 when it got over and we got home at 12:30. (I may or may not have left there with Taylor Swift playing in my head. Trouble when you walked in....)For some reasons I'll not be publishing I didn't get to sleep till most likely 1:00 or later. And then I woke up at 3:00. And laid there till 4:00 when I bounced up, and put my curly prom hair in an awesome messy bun (I woke up with dang cute hair man) and  me and mom headed for the writers conference. It took us till 8 in the morning to get there and so I was living on coffee and energy supplements and donuts and coffee and coffee and I was kind of a bouncy zombie. Like I couldn't function. But I couldn't stop moving.
There were four speakers, and they were all great and hilarious. Two of them were from Hollywood, and those people...Wow. I thought I was crazy. I got three books. One on epublishing, one on marketing in the traditional publishing realm, and one called The Shy Writer Reborn, which literally covers EVERYTHING. I talked to a lot of cool people. One of which had pink hair and reminded me of a certain friend of mine. (*cough* you went to see Divergent with me *cough*) She was awesome.
When we headed home I was SO ready for sleep, but my mom was twitchy. Like her arms and eyeballs were twitching while she was trying to drive. So I felt obligated to talk incessantly and keep her awake and on her side of the road. (I'm a very paranoid passenger) I'm sure if you asked her she would say that 90% of it made zero sense at all. And the 10% that did, she has no recollection of anyway.

But we had a great time together and I loved every minute of it. I did manage to stay awake through church, though it was hard and I'm sure the pastor was watching me closely.
But, now I'm feeling energized and ready to write, and blog, and read....and unfortunately, I have to find a job opening to pretend to apply for with my college teacher (she likes to play pretend. Last week I pretended to book her a flight to Florida, and got her a very cool hotel room and rental car. She gave me 100%...A real one- not pretend). So, since I have to go play make-believe of the boring sort, I'd better sign off here. Enjoy your day!

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